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Personal Hitting Trainer & Consultant

Develop your hitting skills by practicing with a professional!

Johnny Narron will start by assessing your current skills and providing constructive feedback. All lessons are designed with drill work, repetition, and positive feedback. Contact us today to schedule your training session. 
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Elite Training

Johnny Narron develops each hitter’s PLAN,  PROCESS and ROUTINE with a Specific PRACTICE Guide and a Specific Plan & Approach for PLAYING the games.

Our program includes the Mental, the Visual , & the Physical Approach to Hitting. 

The VISUAL TRAINING includes Identifying the Pitcher’s Release Point and Skill Set,  applying the Soft to Hard Focus while utilizing Natural and Artificial Light,  Targeting Specific Attack Points on the baseball,  and the ability to Track the Baseball from the pitching rubber to the hitters Contact Points in the Strike Zone.

Our PHYSICAL SWING TRAINING utilizes the Advanced Technology of Kinetics, Sensors, Metrics, and Analytics along with time test evidence based fundamentals.

The MENTAL APPROACH of NarronProHitting’s Culture establishes and maintains the Confidence and Determination needed for executing Consistent Power ,  OnBase Percentage, Advancing Base Runners,  and Productive 2 Strike At Bats. We Build the Confidence & Mental Toughness that is required to be a successful Hitter at the Highest Level. 

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